Travel Terms & Conditions


** Please Note: All prices are subject to change and are based on availability ** 

Note: Jennifer Ball/Knot Your Average Events will hereby be referred to as the “TRAVEL AGENT.”  The “CLIENT” refers both to Lead Traveler(s) such as a wedding couple and/or persons engaging with the Travel Agent to book travel either as part of a group or individually. 

  • WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Client accepts that the TRAVEL AGENT is NOT responsible for, nor will client attempt to hold them liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered for any conditions, actions, or omissions that are beyond the reasonable control of the TRAVEL AGENT. 
  • RELATIONSHIP TO TRAVEL SUPPLIER(S):  Client authorizes the TRAVEL AGENT to act as their consultant for the Travel Supplier.  In the unlikely event that a Travel supplier is unable to provide Client with the agreed upon travel services and/or products, the TRAVEL AGENT is not responsible for any damages.    
  • CORRECT INFORMATION: Client will review the travel documents upon receipt for accuracy. The TRAVEL AGENT will not be responsible for omissions or errors if not brought to their attention immediately.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE / TRIP PROTECTION: Client assumes and understands that there is a risk involved with travel and travel-related activities. They acknowledge they have options regarding Travel Insurance/Trip Protection and may purchase Travel Insurance/Trip Protection either through the TRAVEL AGENT or on their own. Client agrees that adequate Travel Insurance protection will be considered for their travels, to include but not be limited to: trip cancellation, interruption, and/or delay; medical coverage, and loss of baggage coverage. If Travel Insurance/Trip Protection is not purchased, the Client releases the TRAVEL AGENT of all liability for any issues arising from the lack of Travel Insurance/Trip Protection. Please note that Travel Insurance / Trip Protection is nonrefundable once added.  
  • FEES:  Client verifies they will review all itineraries, invoices, contracts,  travel documents, and Terms and Conditions provided. They will be advised of all applicable and potential fees imposed by the TRAVEL AGENT and/or travel suppliers and vendors. 
  • RIGHT NOT TO PROCEED:  The Client has the right to choose not to proceed with any travel or wedding arrangements quoted.
  • PAYMENTS AND CANCELLATION POLICIES:  The TRAVEL AGENT will not be held responsible (financially or otherwise) for the Clients or the Client’s guests’ failure to provide adequate Guest Information or Payment Authorization necessary to complete their bookings subject to any group contract or booking. Missed payment deadlines or missing/incorrect guest information may result in the cancellation of the Guests’ rooms and/or applicable fees.  The TRAVEL AGENT does not process payments on behalf of the Travel Supplier.  All Payments will be processed directly by the Supplier, unless otherwise requested or approved directly by the Client with Written Authorization.   
  • DOCUMENTATION: U.S. citizens traveling to any destination outside of the United States will be required to present a valid U.S. passport. Passports must be valid for 6 months past the return date, unless otherwise specified by the destination country. Some countries have additional entry requirements. The Client is responsible for ensuring that they have all the proper documents and requirements for travel. Please check the State Department website at for further information. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in denied boarding, denied entry, and/or government-imposed fines. All names on bookings and/or tickets must match the legal name on your photo I.D or passport.  If you are a citizen of another country, please check with the nearest consulate or embassy of the destination to which you are traveling and confirm the entry requirements.
  • BEHAVIOR CLAUSE: Any behavior deemed unacceptable by the TRAVEL AGENT will result in the immediate cessation of all services until the behavior is resolved. Examples of this behavior include but are not limited to: harassment of, or those assisting, the TRAVEL AGENT; use of threatening / inappropriate language, or threats to damage the business and/or reputation of the TRAVEL AGENT; actions or language deemed inappropriate and beyond the normal scope of a Client-Travel Agent relationship; or actions or language meant to deceive the TRAVEL AGENT.  In the event cessation of services occurs, the TRAVEL AGENT will do their very best to remove themself from the situation without a negative effect on the Client.  When that is not possible, or if there must be no further interaction between the Client and the TRAVEL AGENT, any cancellation fees or penalties, loss of promotions, etc. will be at the cost of the Client.


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