We’ve been asking about stories of our typical clients…mother/daughter teams…. We asked one of our clients about her day and this is it….

So here’s my story! My day started with waking up next to my mom as she stayed the night with my at my friend’s house. I knew I was lucky to have my mom by my side that day from the time I woke up until we left on our honeymoon.

I cherished all the time I had with my mom, from the quiet times to getting ready. She made sure I had everything and that everything looked great. I wanted that day to be relaxing and special for my mom as well so she didn’t have to stress over the details of the wedding.

Working in the event planning industry gave me the insight, that everyone needs a planner to make sure that you and your family can relax and enjoy the day. My mom was able to arrive at the wedding location without a worry in the world that day.

There is nothing like a mother’s love and because of Jennifer I was able to enjoy this time with no worries. Jennifer is amazing and if something went wrong that day I was not aware of it. My day was truly a dream come true. She is the best!!

~Love Tricia