There’s just something about the bond between a daughter and her daddy.  So this weekend we wanted to celebrate all of the fathers of the brides we’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the past years… We love our dads of the grooms too…but there is just a little something extra protective and tender-hearted about a daddy’s little girl.

Some father’s totally get that a bride’s wedding day is her dream…a vision and will do almost anything to make sure she gets “almost” everything she desires.  I love getting the secret texts from brides that says… “We just got the GO… daddy added a little to the budget.”  Or when the Dad, himself calls to let you know he wants to surprise everyone with…”  Oh how I LOVE what we get to do!

Some of my favorite “Dad Moments” (no particular order, and please comment if it’s your dad):

·         I had one Dad with several daughters that were performers…mostly in dance but I will NEVER forget him… “teach me how to douggie” on the dance floor

·         One of ultimate favorite moments is right before the door opens and he gets to walk his little girl down the aisle to get married… he’s usually choking back tears and then I tell him my little secret of how to hold it together….but shhhhh that part’s a secret but gets them every time!

·         I love listening to the words of wisdom they have for their kids; no this is especially for fathers and sons…his wisdom always comes a little more educational while fathers of daughters are usually a mix between “she’s all yours now, enjoy less closet space, sharing all of your food…or protecting wisdom of his little girl…

·         Those daddy daughter dances…yep they get us!   
I’m good until a man cries…and when dad starts tearing up during this dance… I’m done! Bring on the waterworks and tissue

·         I can still see one of our dads & brides dancing to wooly-bullie…way too cute

·         Watching a bride and dad arrive in a horse and carriage gives me chills EVERY TIME…it’s like 
seeing it for the first time each time it happens… so 
do this!

·         During the rehearsal, dads are always characters… from the things I’m not ready for them to say…to ready to run to their seats once they’ve given their daughter away…. It’s never a dull moment 

·         Or watching a Groom dance with his daughter…warms the heart

With some dads there is an instant connection others it takes a while for them to warm up to us.   I did a wedding several years ago for a family and the entire time leading up to the wedding the dad just couldn’t wrap his head around my position, why I was there, and WHY he was paying for me and my team just for the day of the wedding… However, once he saw us in action and realized we had taken everything off of his and his family’s plate that day he came up to me and said “I wish I knew what I know now months ago because you would have been the FIRST check I wrote not the last… you are worth every penny.  FYI we have two more daughters to go “wink wink.”  Fast forward to last year, I get a message saying that him and his wife were coming to meet with me (without his daughter who was getting married) to see what dates I had open the following year…because whatever I had open was what they would have to choose from because this time he was writing the FIRST check to KYAE… oh and they’ve already said I’m doing the third daughter too but she’s still in high school so we’ve got a little while before that one happens… (photo cred Courtney Saul Photography)

Now remember how I said some there’s an instant connection?  One of my dads a few weeks ago was just that!  I remember the first time meeting him… it was an open house about a year ago and he by-passed the check-in, flew by every vendor on his way to our booth and it was as if our eyes had locked and he was focused.  He walked right up to me and said “I heard you’re THE person I need to plan my little girl’s big day!” Of course I responded… “Why YES I am!”  Originally we had another possible wedding on that same date and I wasn’t able to be there, but then faith stepped him and made a way.  I was able to surprise them half-way through our planning process that I would be there in person for his little girl’s dream day.  The best feeling was countless times he came to me, put his arm around me and said “Thank You for doing all of this.”  I’ve never felt more appreciated in all of my career and that is exactly why I give up my weekends with my family to create magic with yours… 

I wouldn’t change these magical moments for the world.  I am the blessed one that so many dads TRUST me with their little girl’s dream.  It truly is an honor to do what we get to do…

So, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the DADS out there…

~JB & all of the KYAE family