Destination Proposals

Allow us to assist you in planning a destination proposal…

We can set it up during a walk on the beach, during a spa treatment, a candlelight dinner on the beach at sunset, or out on an adventurous excursion (top of a mountain, at a waterfall, snorkeling) The ideas are endless!

Question is which island is calling your name?

  • Antigua (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • Bahamas (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • Barbados (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • Curacao (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • The Exumas in the Bahamas (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • Grenada (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • Jamaica (Sandals Resorts *adults only OR Beaches Resorts *kid-friendly)
  • Saint Lucia (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Sandals Resorts *adults only)
  • Turks & Caicos (Beaches Resorts *kid-friendly)

Did you know Sandals & Beaches offers a Military Discount? Ask us for more details!

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