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It’s Okay to be Original & Off Beat…

Are you tired of the same old boring ceremony and receptions?  Have you ever thought about hosting a brunch in a local restaurant for 50 family and friends?  How about serving breakfast for your dinner reception?  You could reverse your entire reception and offer cupcakes and dessert bar for appetizers, then a plated dinner, then soup and salad and as the night goes on offer appetizers as your guests dance the night away…don’t forget to greet your guests with a food truck in the parking lot as they are leaving with mini grill cheeses to go!

What about hosting a Friday night wedding and offer a “Friday at Five” cocktail hour prior to your 630pm ceremony.  If you are not planning on serving alcohol or doing a lot of dancing have a Sunday afternoon Carnival themed reception full of games, carnival food, and bright colors (plus you will save on wedding professional and venue fees)! 

What about having a DJ & BAND playing at the same time… really feel that dance floor come alive?!?! How about have your favorite sports team mascot surprise your guests by being a wedding crasher…. bring in dancers to entertain your crowd or maybe a magician during cocktail hour or dinner service…there are so many ways to create an ultimate guest experience… these are just a few we have up our selves…  

Remember its your wedding day!  It doesn’t have to fall on a Saturday or follow any traditions.  Let your day be all about you and the one you are spending the rest of your life together!

We know you both want to be involved in planning because its BOTH of your day!  We will remember to keep both of you in all the planning aspects of the big day.  Have fun, be creative, and definitely think outside of the box.  Allow us to make your Wedding a KNOT YOUR AVERAGE EVENTs!


Here’s one of our FUN Authentic Weddings:

Halloween Wedding 2015

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