In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend we asked some of our past couples to share stories and special moments with their moms on my wedding day!

 So here’s Ashley’s story:


 ” Rise in shine sweetheart Today’s your big Day” I heard the excited sweet voice coming closer to my room. When she entered my room a big smile came across my face because I knew I was so lucky to have my first best friend with me all day and every moment up to this point. ️She was talking with me asking me if I was nervous I said no I’m really excited because I know John is the one. My dad entered and gave me hug and said honey your mom and I are so excited for you today! But a little piece of our heart will be forever changed our little girl is all grown up. But know we are so happy because we will be gaining a son today!! They had me a yummy breakfast waiting to start my day off right. Then my mom and I went to the shop where she began doing my hair. I cherish this quiet time I had with her before everyone else arrived. I was so lucky to have her there talking &laughing with me! She made sure I had everything and looked great! It is important to have your mom there on your wedding day from the way her eyes gleam when she looks at you to the support she gives you along the way! God truly blessed me with this special lady who is by far the definition of what a mom should be!
 I was also blessed to have my sweet daughter in my wedding. Having her apart of my wedding made it so special John even had her a ring too! She was dressed very similar to me. She was my little mini bride? She said mommy we are getting married in such a sweet little voice!! I said yes sweetie “We” are! I wanted her to feel just as special! I was also blessed with a mother-in law who helped make our special day magical as well! Both my MIL & FIL wanted to be involved and helped in every way they could! My day was magical because I had my mothers love all around me. My little princess who made me feel like a queen? A soon to be MIL who loved me as well! There is nothing like a mothers love️ I was able to enjoy this time because I had no worries!! Jennifer & her team were amazing! If something did go wrong I still don’t know about it!! My day was truly perfect!! She is by far the best at what she does!!

Thank you to Shavon Via Photography for capturing this day for us and for Ken with Bull City Carriage for the Horse and Carriage (RIP Gary. We love this wedding…I actually have one of the H&C photos on our office wall).