Hello everyone out there in the blogging world! My name is Kayla Cobb. I am a current UNCG student studying Parks and Recreation with a concentration in Special Event Management. A requirement for my degree is field experience. With that being said I worked a wedding with Jennifer when she was just my professor for a class I was taking in the fall. I knew I wanted to work with her after that first event that I volunteered for. She makes it look so flawless and what better way to learn then from someone with experience. So I contacted her and we began talks of me working with her this summer for the Practicum which is basically a mini internship consisting of 6 weeks and 120 hours which makes me a Knot so average intern. We signed the final paperwork a few weeks ago and now today I officially began my long a waited journey with the KYAE Staff. Most students wait and take one bigger project when they do their last internship but not me I love a challenge.

I want to pack these six weeks full of experiences I have never had and judging by the schedule Jenn’s going to deliver on that goal set by me. I want to learn a couple of thing one is learning how to blog it seems so simple but honestly I want to one day have my own blog so learning now will make it easier in the future. Two centerpieces and or flower bouquets are at almost every wedding and my goal is to master making a few in my time with the KYAE team. I want to learn a few things about booking potential clients for when I start my own business sometime way way way down the line I will have experience on how to do that. Conflict management can be a challenge when it comes to events so maybe I will learn a few things about that along the way. All an all I want to leave guest with a positive experience even if I am just an intern I still want them to feel like I gave it my all for them to me that is the most important thing. That last learning objective is truly what excites me about wanting to become an event planner. It give me piece of mind know that I gave it my best effort for all the family, friends, and love ones we do this job for.

~with love, Kayla