What an EVENT! Those are the first words that came to my mind! As I walked around you saw a variety of different vendors and sponsors there to support this fairies experience! A lot of people showed up to this event. This was my first year going and I honestly loved it! Everyone seemed so free and happy! It’s an event for anyone! Bring your kids, pets, family, friends, and/or a date All are welcome!!

A lot of people are probably thinking why would a wedding planner come to a festival?! Well we are Knot Your Average Events for a reason! We can target those brides that feel like they have to create their perfect wedding day on their own because no one is going to get their unique alternative vision. So we have the opportunity to help that bride! Also with it being a family friendly event we will be able to sell the other services we offer as well. Family fun day, celebration of life, baby showers, etc.

So how do we attract these patrons to our booth you may ask yourself. Well with none other than that good ole KYAE magic! We made the themed something we know the best aka a party! We try to be as green as possible so an event that we did in the past helped us create a party booth. It stood out in the crowd which attracted people to see what we were all about!

We had people stop by and check us out! We handed out a lot of business cards! Which if the patrons don’t need them, they can pass them on to friends who may need us for future event services! It was a great event and we hope that we got KYAE some new clients with a knot so average wedding day!