There are several things that you want to accomplished when you think about your wedding day. One
big one is a theme if you decided to do one. However before you can pick a theme there are a few things you must do first. This will help you narrow down your chooses as far as the theme goes.

1st: Pick a venue. A venue determines how you can use the space. What will work with your space. Also you can find out the do’s and don’t for your venue.

2nd: Reflect on you guys as a couple. Pick out some key points that define the two of you. Things like favorite place, pictures, vacations you two have taken, first dates etc! This all can go into a part of your theme.

3rd: Pinterest can be your best friend or your worst enemy! But most time you guys can be friends it the way you use Pinterest that makes the real difference! Take inspiration from the things you pin that can tie into your theme.

4th: A wedding planner or coordinator is a great addition to have when trying to pick a theme. They can help you bring your vision to life and make your theme truly pop with out over doing it!

Now that the preliminary order of business is done its time to pick a theme for your big day.
Your theme can range from Paris, Princess Bride, Carnival, Up, 4th of July, Red Carpet, etc! But the rules remain the same!

Most people think that using a theme means you have to use everything that represents that theme. But you don’t. You use accents of the theme. Take Paris for example. There doesn’t have to be Eiffel Towers everywhere to get the themes point across. Use colors that are deep in color and play up the romantic level Paris is suppose to have on people. Also use up lighting is a great addition to your theme.

(bird themed wedding)

Sometimes a little bit of something goes a long way. When it comes to themes this is very true.