Every planner, coordinator and/or vendor has their own way of doing things the most important thing is that you have one timeline to keep everyone on the same page throughout the day. There are several components and we highly encouraging sharing the overall details with everyone.  Give vendors a runsheet which is an overview early in the event planning to let everyone know what you are thinking.  Having good communication early on will allow plenty of time for each vendor to offer their updates and details to create a smooth stress-free day for you.  Alex Pegg photo

Try your best to get plenty of sleep every night the week of your wedding because

dark circles under your eyes are not guests we want to attend your wedding.  Try to get to bed early the night prior to your wedding and awake early enough to shower and eat a hearty breakfast.  It’s going to be a long day so think of your day as a marathon not a sprint.  Same goes with alcohol, if you are wanting all members of your wedding party to be there at the end of your night and in all of your photos I highly recommend to limit the amount of alcohol and how early you start popping bottles.  Not everyone is used to open bars and full days of activities from sun up to way past sun down.  Free to enjoy a mimosa with the girls while getting ready or a beer with the guys at lunch…but ONE is enough prior to the moment you say I DO.  Remember it’s a legal contract you are committing yourselves to during the ceremony and remember all of the time and money you spent planning this special day.  Don’t have it ruin by an out of line wedding party member or you, yourself take it too far too fast.  Waterhouse Studios photos

You’re awake, showered and ready to take on the day…what’s next?  Your ceremony

time will determine what time you need to start the transformation.  Don’t forget, the earlier the ceremony means the earlier you start getting ready.  You should start your hair and make-up about 6 hours prior to your ceremony start time.  I know that sounds crazy but here are a few tips:

·         Make-up should be done first (on a clean face)

·         Give yourself 45 minutes to an hour for make-up just in case anything goes wrong

·         Give at least 30 minutes per bridal party member, mother and/or grandmother for make-up (again most are not used to the extra level needed for photos so they may need to make a few changes)

·         Hair should be done second (speak to your hair stylist about washing it the morning of or not)

·         Typically, you want to give yourself 1 ½ hours to 2 hours to create a hair masterpiece (more or less depending on style and length)

·         We recommend giving 45 minutes to an hour per wedding party member, mother and/or grandmother for hair (depending on their style and length)

·         Make sure to have snacks and/or lunch delivered to both the bridal suite for you and your girls and back at the reception area for your vendors working all day.   Both will truly appreciate your kindness of drinks and refueling for the long day

·         Unless your girls are wearing cute clothes (matching shirts or pjs) I recommend they get ready before you put your dress on.  That way they look cute in the background of all of those photos too

·         Don’t forget to include time for traveling to your venue if you are not getting ready onsite Waterhouse Studios photos

We recommend arriving to your ceremony site two hours prior to get dressed for pre-

wedding ceremony photos.  Most guests will start arriving at church weddings about an hour prior to ceremony and to all other venues they typically arrive about thirty minutes.  If you are getting married at a church make sure to ask will grandparents start walking in to be seated at ceremony start time or will that start ten minutes early with you walking at ceremony start time.  That is a key question to ask about timing, photos, and music.  The only other reminder we have for you is the earlier your ceremony start time begins, the earlier your reception will end.  Majority of Southern receptions in our area are between three and five hours long depending on alcohol, food and entertainment.  When you are choosing your ceremony start time, ask yourself a few questions:

·         What kind of reception do you want?

·         Is there travel time between ceremony location and reception location?

·         What kind of food do you want to serve?

·         Are you serving alcohol, and what kind?

·         Do you want to leave when it’s dark outside (sparkler or glow stick exit)?

·         What time is daylight savings time or sunset and will that effect my timeline?

All of those questions will determine the details of your reception’s timeline.  The most important take away from this entire blog post really isn’t the timeline itself but if you noticed there is a lot to be done the day of your wedding and not one time did it say YOU, YOUR MOM or wedding party run to the venue to set up decorations and details of the day.  Hire professionals on this ONE day so that you can truly enjoy being pampered.  By hiring a professional planner/coordinator we typically can save you money on all of the vendors as a whole (if you book us first) to allow in you budget to hire them and their staff to set up all of the items you worked hard on creating for your special day.  So sit back and relax and take in every minute of your special day…because it’s going to be a long one.