After saying yes to the dress of your dreams and entering into the time of alterations one aspect to your dress that you might want to consider is whether or not you should bustle you dress. Well you might be wondering why I should bustle my dress in the first place. You might be thinking why I would want to alter my dress. I love the way the train flows behind me and I have the dream of dancing the night away just the way the dress is, but this might not be the practical option.  

Imagine this you have picked the dress of your dreams. It is the one you have had your eye on and it is absolutely gorgeous. It has beautiful intricate beading throughout the whole dress with that long flowing train that you love and because you love the aspect of the long train you decide not to bustle the dress.

This was a big mistake. First you realize that your dress seems to be looking dingy and turning a different color because of the ground. It is getting dirty! On top of that someone just step on your train and it ripped. Now you have to carry it on your arm and this dress is not the lightest. It because more of a problem and you catch yourself not being able to enjoy your day because you’re constantly worrying about your dress. This problem could have been avoided all together if she would have just bustled the dress.

American Bustle Verse the French Bustle

The American Bustle

This bustle is also referred to as the outer bustle. This style is created when the train is hooked to the outside of your dress by buttons or hooks placed with corresponding loops.

The French Bustle

The look of the French bustle is created by a series of ribbons that can be found inside the dress. The train is then lifted and your wedding party will tie the ribbons that are either color coded or numbered together to create this secure, elegant look. This is a great bustle for ball gowns, or dresses that are made with heavy or delicate fabrics.

FYI that little “loop” in under your train inside your dress… IS NOT your bustle… it is for your hanger to take some of the weight from your dress so that it doesn’t pull your top portion out of shape while hanging…. PLEASE do not put your hand through that small loop and carry your dress for the duration of your wedding… because you will only loose function of that arm for the evening because your dress will be holding it hostage while you attempt to dance, toast, cut cake and eat dinner….