Happy Mother’s Day to the sweetest woman I know!


My Mom, my best friend, my go to when life gets hard or even when life is going well. I am blessed to call you mom! You have made life so much easier to go through knowing I have you to call on. From being there when I found out I was pregnant at 17 to being there now as I had my 4th baby at 26. You were there to help guide me in the right direction and to always help me remember what really matters in life.


 You never let me go too far astray; you are always there to remind me of my goals in life when I’m not sure what I want anymore. Thanks for always supporting my goals and doing whatever possible to make them come true. When it came to marrying the love of my life…you were right by my side. 


You quickly encouraged me to hire your professor and mentor for our wedding so that we could be together and just enjoy the day.  You attended several planning meetings and even stayed up late helping me make final decisions…and on wedding day with the KYAE team working behind the scenes you were able to be right by my side all day long. 



You are my biggest fan! I could go on and on about all the accomplishments you’ve had as a mom through my 26 years of life. But honestly your biggest accomplishment is loving me to no end and letting me know just how much Christ loves me too.



Happy Mother’s Day Mom love you to the moon & back!



Your Daughter Heather Lee (2017 KYAE bride)


*wedding day photo credit:  Photos by Christina Forbes