Jennifer & Connor wedding was a dream and I was so happy to be there to witness the magic for myself. I feel like the starlight meadow was the perfect place for them to get married! The family was so sweet and they truly made you feel like you were part of the family. They always said hello when they passed through. They cared about our staff and while we were trying to make their day special they made are equally special. Leaving snack and drinks for us. We were so appreciative that they would think of us on a day dedicated to the merging of their families. For that we truly thank you!
I loved the theme of their wedding. The movie Up! How adorable is that right?! They gave us their idea and we hit the ground running with it! There were lanterns that they wanted hung all over. The KYAE team came up with a solution that would go with the theme perfectly. We hung the lanterns on the poles running across the ceiling of the barn. It made it look as those balloons were floating in the ceiling carrying the barn Up! When the bride saw it, her reaction was priceless! It left me with a warm feeling inside for we had just made her dream a reality!  
Every personal touch was in place and it was time for guest to arrive. Everyone naturally gravitated to the ceremony and reception area. However once we change placement I was able to direct them over to the guestbook. Which was a great complement to their theme overall. You placed a finger on a color on the paint wheel and then place in on a string that was attached to a house. Then you sign your name in your finger print. It was a awesome idea! These pages will then be places in a scrapbook full of memories of both bride and groom! What a creative idea, and very meaningful! 
As I floated around checking on guest I got to watch the family smiling, laughing, just having the time of their lives. As a future planner that’s what you want to see, a dream come to life for this bride! Their send off reflected their personality well, they are both filled with humor and energy! Some would say bubbly like the bubbles and wands the guest used as part of the send off!       

I want to personally thank the family for letting us take part in their beautiful wedding day! May you have a wonderful and happy marriage! Enjoy your honeymoon! Team White Rice for LIFE!!!