THE number one reply/answer we get when we ask our couples what’s the vision or feeling they want for their wedding day…


“We just wanna have FUN!”


Now, everyone’s definition of “FUN” is different.  Some think a late night of fun partying and dancing is FUN. While others think cornhole and beer with a BBQ is FUN.  Some think a brunch with board games and an incredible meal is FUN. And some are looking for a band while others are happy with a DJ. 


No matter what your definition of FUN is we are going to be HIGHLY recommending adding lounge furniture to you day.  You could place a few fun seats or atamans around the dance floor to encourage people that aren’t really the “dancing” crowd to be closer than their comfy dinner seat.  This way they are engaging with your crowd and can easily interact as fun songs are being played.



Have you considered adding lounge furniture around your cocktail area?  The number



one complaint we hear about this portion of the day is that there is NEVER enough seating.  Cocktail tables are great but only really allow 4-6 people to place a drink or small plate on as they mingle.  Imagine having several couches and little seating areas at cocktail are to invite you guests to come and sit a spell prior to dancing the night away. 



Have fun with your furniture!  Now it the age of everything being snap-chatted, posted on Facebook and/or Instagram (or all)… so guests will be taking photos at your wedding and the more FUN they are having the MORE your wedding will be trending!  Make some of the furniture oversized, Victorian, or modern to give your wedding a unique vide and feeling.  These few extra pieces really can make a huge difference in the atmosphere.  
Live entertainment always captures your guest’s attention…
What about a confetti drop?
(photo cred: Courtney Saul)
Then don’t forget about the entertainment… will you have a dj to play all of the latest tunes to dance the night away…or will you have a live band that at some point you can sing along with….. hmmmmm oh the decisions!?!?!