The life of a planner is both wonderful and exhausting at the same time! What do I mean by that? Its Called THE WEDDING HANGOVER!!!! And oh boy it is the worse hangover you will ever experience in your lifetime. The good thing is that you can prevent it and trust me you will because once you have had one you will NEVER EVER EVER want another one. Its funny now but when I was working the first week with KYAE it was anything but funny.
It feels like you have just ran a marathon that had biking, trails, and then swan to end it all. Well take that experience multiply it a few times and you have the feeling of working a full wedding. Now subtract sleeping in the next day because you have another event to do the next morning. Oh and did I mention that you didn’t get home until 12:00. Your body hurts from head to toe practically. You feel like you got beat up. The worst part of my wedding hangover was my first event being OUTDOORS!!! It took everything out of me and I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. All I knew was I hurt all over and I just wished for a few seconds of down time. But in the wedding world there isn’t any down time unless you are eating for 15 minutes at max or taking a quick and I mean quick bathroom break!

 But I did learn my lesson for all future events! Drink lots of water! When you think

you drank enough drink more! Eat like you are running a marathon for real. Your body isn’t use to working events or doing anything for 12+ and the pace you must work is even harder. You have to and I can’t stress this enough love what you do! There has to be some type of connection with the work you do for any client. That connection makes you push your body to its limits and then past them. Its so your client can have that positive experience that they paid for. Once I figured that out I was ready to tackle any event thrown my way!

Here’s a few tips:

•Start prepping your body a few days in advance

•Get plenty of rest the week prior of a event especially the night prior.
•Its good to make sure you are healthy (do you exercise, do you walk/run)  You may want to add that to your game plan so that your body can handle being on your feet and possibly standing for 12+ hours.
•Drink water the night before, when you get up, on the ride there, and at least a bottle per hour if it’s a hot day. (FYI if you are not urinating throughout the day your body is telling you that you could be dehydrated…drink more drinks)

•Carb up the night before, or eat a big hardy steak and potatoes… you really want to build your body for the next day.
•Eat a good healthy breakfast the morning of an event and if you can stop and grab lunch on the way, do that too!
•Bananas, Oranges and Apples (really any fruit) makes for easy quick snacks throughout the day too.

On a hot day…pack popsicles!  They will cool you down and hydrate you at the same time!

•Wear comfortable shoes!!!!! Bring several and change (including socks) inserts were the BEST thing ever invented.

•Remember to bring cloths to set up and then change for the event.  This will give you a few minutes to rest and freshen up.
•Before you go to bed try and eat a light snack, drink a bottle of water, probably want to pop two Tylenol and get some much needed rest.
•The following day if you can schedule a massage or a pedicure…it’s highly recommend!  The lead event planner actually sees a chiropractor on a regular bases to make sure everything is in proper order and not out of line. 
•Try and plan a day away from the office the day after an event if possible.  Spend time with family friends you didn’t get a chance to hangout while planning and working that event.  (They’ve missed you too).

With Love

    ~Kayla the intern