Hello to all Knot Your Average Events followers!

My name is Elizabeth Berkeley and I will be the newest member of the Knot Your Average Events crew as an intern. I am an alumna from the University of North Carolina Asheville as of May 2020. Go Bulldogs! My degree is in business management with a minor in sociology. My career goal is to get into event management/planning. At UNCA I worked on a committee that planned all of our campus events and even became the coordinator for community events. You could say that I have always had a passion for making people feel happy, welcome, and safe at any event they attend. My favorite part of an event is watching the work I’ve put in make others happy. To me there’s no better feeling. Ultimately I would love to end up in the entertainment side of events such as music festivals and concerts. Unfortunately I ended up being in the class most impacted by COVID-19, so some of my career path has had to be directed in another direction for the time being.

I believe this internship with KYAE will provide me with the skill set and experience I need to get into this industry. The internship will allow me to create connections and network with other businesses and people that could help me get further in my career. I plan to gain knowledge in contract work/making, the financial side/overall budgeting of events, the step by step process of making an event run smoothly from start to finish, and how to work with customers wants and needs. This internship will be extremely important for my career as I will be able to gain experience and knowledge in the industry through a company that has been around for 20+ years. I am extremely fortunate and excited to be given this opportunity. I cannot wait to learn the ropes of event management and work with Jenn and the rest of the team.


Some quick fun facts about me are:

I was lucky enough to study abroad during undergrad and lived in the city of Brighton, England for 4 months.

I have visited countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, France, and Italy.

I love road tripping to Portland, Maine where I have family.

I am currently a bartender at the Red Oak Lager Haus.

I’m looking forward to creating magic this Spring~