Start looking at wedding dresses and attire for the entire wedding party too (this will give you an inspiration for the next step).  Make sure to ask about alterations and how long will it take to get your dress. Don’t forget about shoes and accessories.  Make sure to remember about suits or tuxes for any guys too!  They need time to get everything in too!

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The next step is one area we love to shine in.  The overall love is my personal favorite

part in planning.  Once we get to do a walkthrough of a venue and have an idea of the vendors we are working with we can just see the day before us including décor, linens, lighting, flowers and all the fun little details that will showcase your personally and charm.

o   This is usually when we meet with our clients onsite for a venue walkthrough to figure out the layout and how many & what size of tables and chairs we are going to need (and where everything will be).  This will allow our couples to figure out linens and place settings. Have you thought about your color scheme?

     Think about your favorite colors, you no longer have to pick two… or even three.  Pick colors that make you feel good and colors that you look good in.  Think beyond colors… think of textures and metallic materials.  See how different colors look in different textures with fabric swatches. 

o   Flowers and décor will show off your personality so have fun with it!  Have fun with props too!  Communication is a key factor; so remember to have signs to let you guests know what’s going on when and where.

o        Make sure to save money in the budget for lighting.  Lighting will
      make everything else look better!  Lighting will set the mood and
tone of your event.  You can change the lighting throughout the event to create visual effects.  Lighting is a great way to showcase your wedding
colors, make photography look better and showcase your cake & centerpieces. 

o   Rentals and Furniture would fall under décor.  Add lounge furniture around the dance floor for guests to hang out during cocktail hour and then reuse

        during the dancing portion of the reception.  If you have all black tablecloths, you may want to reconsider having white chairs if white is not a color in your scheme.  Rental companies have all different types of tables and chairs to offer a design concept.  Make sure to work with all of your vendors to get the rentals they need to make your event successful.  Think outside of the box…your wedding doesn’t have to be just like everyone else’s…make it yours!

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