Do you have a list of things you want to happen on your big day…what about a list of things that terrify you?!!?!??! We ask every one of our couples those very questions and here’s most of the answers we get:
·         They want to help set everything up
·         They want all of their vendors to show up on time
·         They want their guests to have a great time
·         They want their wedding to start on time
·         They want to spend the most amount of time with their family and friends
·         They want to have the BEST PARTY ever!!!!!!!!!!!
·         They want to SAVE money
·         They want their parents to have a good time (and relax)
·         They want to dance for hours and hours and hours…..and hours
·         Afraid no one will show up and they’ve spent all of this money for food
·         No one will dance
·         People will be late (including vendors)
·         Someone will get drunk and out of hand
·         It will rain (BIG ONE)
·         The schedule will not flow
·         They will trip or fall down
·         They will forget something
We hear the same wants and fears during each of our consultation meetings and throughout the planning process.  And here are a few tips to make sure the above does and doesn’t happen….
·         HIRE US!!! (or at least a day of coordinator that is not a family member or friend…you will need them to make decisions throughout the day and not pick favorites.  Plus your bridesmaid and/or mom can’t coordinate all of the vendors behind the scenes if they are planning on partying and/or participating in the ceremony…remember they walk before you do…who’s going to cue you?
·         Have fun designing your event…but hand over all of your DIY projects to a team that understands your vision fully so that you can enjoy your morning getting pampered not sweating back at the venue trying to run around and set everything up prior to pictures with your wedding party. 
·         Hire a professional florist to handle your flowers…remember they know how to process them as they arrive so they will look their best in the days to come and for hours during your event.
·         By having professional entertainment, your floor shouldn’t be empty…they will be able to find the right style to get your party going!

·         Did you know by hiring a planner (even a partial planner) early on you usually can save money?  Definitely stress and a lot of time!  Most planners work with a group of vendors often that work “deals” with one another….no they may not give a huge discount…but they may add an extra hour of coverage with no charge, include an extra copy of print for a parent, how about a toss bouquet and/or a bridal portrait bouquet to use, how about a few extra up lights….and the list goes on and on… Most planners save their couples the same amount in vendor fees so that way their fee is already included in the budget when they start looking at vendors…
·         Rain and/or bad weather is probably the biggest concern we hear week to week….honestly plan your dream wedding but always have a backup plan just in case.   A professional team will be able to work under any pressure from their years of experience and education.  Allow them to do what you hired them for…99% you hire a professional to handle all of the “what ifs.”  Some of our most beautiful weddings came from rainy days…don’t let that rain spoil the fact you are marrying your best friend!  Grab cute rainboots and an umbrella and go out and dance in it!  Those pictures will be amazing… who knows you might even find a rainbow….
 At the end of the day…embrace all the unknown foreseen possibilities and plan for the most amazing day!  You’ve gathered an all-star team of vendors to handle all of the decision making on that one very special day…just sit back, relax and be a guest as you create memories to last a life time!