With this time of year…comes lots of planning and trying to keep their costs down.  We’re a FRIM believer every couple should have a wedding planner and a beautiful day… but a lot of what we do is educate couples in the reality of planning a wedding and all that goes into the production of creating a memory in time… #whatkindofmemorydoyouwant

Here’s a sample budget (only a sample) we truly understand MAJORITY of these vendors COST MORE than this is quoted
  • depending on quality of service
  • items included in package/service
  • How long will they be there that day
  • How customized they are
  • How professional they are
  • Education/certification of vendor
  • Length in business, number of weddings they completed, level of experience
  • Level of services 
  • What day of the week
… but we are hoping this puts things in perspective because lots of couples THINK they can have a wedding for 150 people for $5,000….and the truth is most events take 10 (or more vendors) and if each vendor averages $1,000 (most cost more…and the more experience/educated the more they cost…plus consider quality of their services)….

Simplistic Elegance

$1500 -Rental of Venue (usually Sun-Fri; not a Saturday)

$225- Additional Rentals (usually more if venue doesn’t include anything)

$1399-Event Coordination & 2 staff (special rate for Sun/Weekday)
$700- Additional Staff including catering staff

$1760- Food & Beverage $22.00 x 80guests (appetizers, salad, meal & tea/water

$1000- Candles & Simplistic Flower Budget (including wedding party, centerpieces)

$350- Deliveries & Set ups (rentals, flowers, etc)

$1500-Photography (most likely disc of images only)

$900- DJ (for two sound systems)

$200-Cupcakes (do you want a cutting cake)

$250- Donating to your Church Officiate (or we do have one within this average)

$200-Print-, invitations, stamps (most likely doing yourself online for this price)

$1500- Other: linens, china/place settings/ glassware, unity ceremony items, gifts for wedding party and family members, toasting flutes, serving set, flower girl basket, ring bear pillow, memory table items, restroom baskets, tipping vendors

*doesn’t include alcohol, videographer, up lighting, attire, rings or honeymoon, transportation

Total: $11,484     Number of Guests: 80

Cost: $143 per person