Good question right?  You just said yes and now everyone is asking you a million and one questions…right?  Not to mention everyone is giving their opinions, ideas and suggestions…especially those that are not donating to the wedding planning fund.  The question is:


“Have you ever planned a wedding before?”


Most likely no, you may have assisted in giving advice, helping to set up or create DIY projects for someone else…but then stop and ask yourself:


“How much do you want to ENJOY the planning experience leading up to the big day and how much time do you want to spend living in the moment on your special day?”



Do your research… once you say I do, look into hiring a planning team that will take your vision and create reality.  Make sure WHO you are hiring is a professional.  Yes, we all started somewhere but do not expect someone who is doing your wedding in their first year of their career to know everything like someone that has been doing for decades… you can’t compare apples to oranges. 


I am blessed to have planned nearly 300 weddings and events over the past two decades.  I have a degree in Recreation Parks and Tourism with a double minor in Psychology and Business along with a concentration in Travel, Tourism and Commercial Recreation.  But for me that wasn’t enough… I’ve continued my education with multiple certifications and recently returned to Graduate School to pursue a Master’s Degree.  In 2017, I was honored with the highest level of education through the Association of Bridal Consultants becoming 1 of 80 Master Wedding Planners in the World… however, currently there are only 57 of us actively planning and producing weddings and events.  So just by having me on your wedding day puts one of the very best experts on your team and by your side step by step. 


Education and Experience is what will make your wedding day feel magical as if it all just naturally comes

together.  The planning portion of the wedding is getting to the day…the real experts take all of the planning and executes!  No matter how much time we spend planning every detail, we never truly know what will happen because we can’t tell you what your guests will do until that moment.  With a wedding of 100 guests… that’s 100 guests doing 100 different things every 60 seconds of every minute of every hour and then of the entire day… something that happens offsite could effect something later in the day… and it’s the EXPERTS that will know how to weather any storm, be flexible, create solutions and have back up plans ready to go.  So THAT’s why you hire the BEST on your special day.  Not only because they are the BEST at what they do…but simply because of all of the WHAT IF’s we can’t fully predict.