We love working with the staff out at Autumn Creek Vineyards.  They really have become a second home for us and our couples.  We had the opportunity to start working with Kaitlyn and Janine pretty soon after they booked with Jodi and the Vineyard. 

During our first meeting we quickly discovered that Jodi was the only vendor they had booked and were going to need a little guidance in the planning portion.  We quickly created a budget and started researching for a great group of team players for their wedding day.  Once we had the team in place it was time to work on the details.  For us, this is our favorite part!

From the moment of their rehearsal started you could tell this was a couple that was surrounded by love and support.  We were so touched and honored to be a part of their special day and be welcomed into their family with open arms as if we had known them for years.

Unfortunately, all of hard planning went out the window with an unexpected guest RSVP’d the week prior to the wedding.  Hurricane Matthew had a direct path to NC and we knew our plans were forever going to change day to day.  We moved all of the beautiful design and ideas inside, created ways for them to possibly still get married outside on the wrap around porch and worked with flexible vendors to be prepared for anything the day might throw at us.  We were ready!

However, when it rains it pours but our team reacted like champs.  Even when the rented van was parked in a muddy area the night of the rehearsal and ended up getting stuck and not able to pick up guests back at the hotel, our team members took their personal vehicles to go and pick up friends and family stranded back at the hotel.  Once everyone was there…the party didn’t stop until closing time. 
The winds and rain moved the wedding from the porch to inside but if was as if it was always planned that way.  The wine flowed, the food was excellent and the entertainment had the dance floor rocking all night long.  Sometimes the best situations are created from obstacles that require us to think quick on our feet, showcase our team proactive and reactive plans and allow us to appreciate that we are all there for one reason…to watch two beautiful people say I do and to celebrate their love.  Everything else falls out of focus when you only have the couple to focus on. 

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